• Sturdy-Lite bulkheads are engineered, manufactured and independently tested to the requirements of CFR 393.114.

    DOT 393.114: DOT 393.114 requires a front-end structure to withstand a horizontal forward static load, equal to one-half of cargo being transported on vehicle, uniformly distributed over entire portion of headboard. Thus a 50,000 lb load rated bulkhead/headerboard in full contact with load would have to withstand 50% of static load (25,000 lb). Any load not in full contact with bulkhead/headerboard cannot meet 393.114 requirements. Load must be secured per DOT 393.100 – 393.142.

    WARNING — Bulkheads offer minimum resistance to an impacting load resulting from any force load in excess of static load resistance (50% of load rating). Any force in excess of static load may result in failure of this product which can result in serious injury or death. Sturdy-Lite makes no claims to impact resistance, neither stated nor implied.

  • All-aluminum construction by AWS-certified welders
  • Standard & custom designs available

Sturdy-Lite Bulkheads are manufactured to the highest quality level, using only high-strength and lightweight aluminum alloys. Many models are independently tested to meet the requirements of D.O.T. 393.114*

Locking chain racks are available for most bulkheads.

*Trailer OEM specification strengths of rails, pockets, and anchor points must be considered for compliance to D.O.T. 393.114 .

Bulkhead Installation

Turnback Bulkhead Headerboard Installation Instructions (pdf)