• Installed along side of trailer provide a secure storage are plus visual appeal.
  • Boxes are an all-aluminium construction by AWS-certified welders.
  • Various storage volumes and options.

Sturdy-Lite's Single-door Toolboxes come standard with one stainless steel latch for widths of 24-36 inches, and two latches for 36-60 inches; boxes can be hinged & latched to open from either the top or the bottom.

Double-door Toolboxes come standard with two stainless steel latches for all available sizes. Available finishes are diamond-embossed aluminum and smooth/mirror aluminum.

Sturdy-Lite toolboxes offer all of these quality features:

  • Heavy duty .125 5052 aluminum for years of structural integrity
  • Solid-welded seams inside and out by AWS certified welders
  • Polished stainless "compression" T-latches with roller cam
  • Stainless piano hinge
  • Rain gutter with automotive rubber seal
  • Corrugated top and bottom (2 places each) for boxes over 48" long for added strength

Toolbox Installation

Stepbox Installation Guidelines (pdf)