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Manufacturing Premium, Aluminum Trucking Equipment Cab Racks Accessories Vaults Tool Boxes in the USA for Over 40 Years.

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Sturdy-Lite's products deliver durability, reliability, & superior performance. Experience the difference in top-quality trucking equipment made with American craftsmanship.

Experience the difference between top-quality trucking equipment made with American craftsmanship.

Most Popular Questions

Does Sturdy-Lite Sell for Retail?

No. Sturdy-Lite is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and only sells to distributors. 

Please call or email us and we will help you find a local distributor to meet your needs.

What is Sturdy-Lite's Return Policy?

If you received a shipment of product in error, or the wrong parts, Sturdy-Lite will fully credit your account.

For any merchandise damaged in shipping, or additional return reasons, your request will need to be approved by the Sturdy-Lite team. Please email us to begin that process.

What Gauge Thickness of Aluminum does Sturdy-Lite use?

For all of our products, we use 1/8″-thick aluminum, at minimum. During the fabrication process the material is corrugated to provide extra strength and load capacity.